Do not ask Al Gore

You can make a movie against hunger without asking Al Gore. Yes, you can.

Don't ask Al Gore a No Hunger movie. Yes, we can.

The ad spot of "Do NOT ask Al Gore" is an advertising campaign by Hibrida studios. It demonstrates that there are other ways to create a movie against hunger, apart from asking Al Gore to make such movie.

The former campaign by Action Against Hunger, called Ask Al Gore to make this movie, requests Al Gore to direct and star a new film named No Hunger. The goal of this movie is to raise awareness about the problem of world hunger. This way, the new movie by Al Gore would become a powerful communication device to end hunger. That's why Action Against Hunger believes in using such a celeb as Al Gore (Nobel award winner), who has already managed to move the whole planet agains global warming.

Nevertheless, even for someone like Al Gore, creating a new movie is a difficult task. And it's hard to repeat with the problem of hunger such a communication success as the one achieved with the film agains global warming. Do you really think that Albert Arnold Gore Jr. is going to solve this problem for you? That's why Hibrida suggests that you better not ask Al Gore to make the movie, because yes, you can do it.

Because we all think that we should say NO to hunger. And this fight is so important that everyone of us should take some action against hunger. So you can ask Al Gore to make the movie, don't ask Al Gore, or take whatever action you prefer, but don't stay still hoping that the problem of hunger would be solved by itself. Because you can solve it. Yes you can!

You can make a No Hunger movie with Hibrida without asking Al Gore to make the film

Filming, directing and starring a no hunger movie is not easy, even if you were Al Gore. Making a documentary film against hunger is a difficult task indeed. But Hibrida suggests you to take an alternative approach to the ask Al Gore to make it idea: you can make the film by yourself.

The key is to raise awareness about the problem of world hunger, and Hibrida proposes you to make this movie together to end hunger. The proposal of Hibrida is much more realistic than just hoping a celebrity like Al Gore will devise a solution for the problem. It is no longer necessary to ask Gore to make a movie against malnutrition.

Hibrida offers you its experience and knowledge in directing documentary films with humanitarian purposes. Yes, we can do it. You, as well as Al Gore did with the inconvenient truth against climate change, can make a movie and move the world, improving the planet. Yes, you can!

Let's make together a movie against hunger such as No Hunger. Do not ask Al Gore to make the movie. You can do it. Hibrida will assist you.

Watch the spot of the "Do NOT ask Al Gore" campaign by Hibrida.

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