"End of the Story" for People in Sahara

A movie about Sahara inmigrants and solutions to the illegal inmigration in Spain

The story of an inmigrant from Western Sahara

"End of the Story" is a fictional animation movie about people in Sahara (actually from Northern Africa or Western Sahara) who are able to reach Spanish territory surviving a rudimentary boat trip.

After that risky inmigration journey, and after overcoming the last frontier (in fact, climbing the border fence), those people from Sahara, actual survivors, think that they have reached a country with a lot of opportunities.

But at the end, those illegal African inmigrants find out that the frontier fence is not the last entrance barrier, as hard solutions against inmigration are being developed.

And people in Sahara realize that escaping Africa (due to the African crisis) to enter Spain in an illegal way may not be a solution for the problems in Africa after all...

This animation movie and the solutions to illegal inmigration

This inmigrant themed, Sahara inspired animation movie, End of the Story, is a fictional story, based on actual facts: the modern History of Africa and the current inmigration facts.

The symbolic story told actually happens every day in the borderlines of Spain. It does not happen just to an African inmigrant, but to many people in Sahara. These illegal inmigrants arrive from Western Sahara and Northern Africa to Spain. They think that surviving a boat trip and getting illegally among the population of Spain may be a solution, and may improve their chances of success.

Nevertheless, most African people face a hard and bitter end of this inmigration story, such as the African man in the movie.

End of the Story features the current solutions to illegal inmigration and the actual problems of people in Sahara desert trying to reach Spanish territories. It is a computer animation movie, seen through the eyes of anonimous black inmigrant people from Western Sahara without inmigration cards or required permission documents in the frontier of Spain.

3D animation movies are a way to tell stories that turns sensitive issues and actual history facts (such as the illegal inmigration from Sahara) into interesting videos and easy to understand films. That's why the audiovisual producer Hibrida uses these 3D animation films as a solution to tell actual stories, and to develop marketing, communication and sensitization campaigns.

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