Documentary 854: a film by Hibrida


Documentary "854" by Hibrida: a film about 854 million people suffering hunger

Documentary 854

854 million people in the world are under the threat of hunger. Nearly 20 million people suffer severe malnutrition. And 5 million of children die each year because they don't receive proper nutritional therapies - double the amount of yearly AIDS casualties.

Nowadays, hunger is the biggest problem that mankind faces. How can we fight against hunger? Which work systems should we develop? Specifically, how are we working right now to eradicate this avoidable disease in Africa?

The documentary film 854 is a recent production of Action Against Hunger, produced with fundings form Generalitat Valenciana, in cooperation with Spanish International Development Cooperation Agency and developed by Híbrida. 854 was first screened at Solidary Film Festival of Guadalajara, and at La Casa Encendida, the Madrid Savings Bank Friendly Society.

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Documentary 854 by Hibrida
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